Choosing Interesting Topics for a College Essay in Literature

Literature is a subject that you will take almost every year that you are in school. With that being said, you may find yourself having trouble thinking of topics for essay writing by the time you are in college. Check out these interesting ideas.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche: An Analysis of Ideas that Relate to the Current Times
  2. I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King: An Analysis of Literary Techniques and How They Effected the Speech Overall
  3. Styles Between the Ages: A Comparison of Two Separate Literary Works from the Same Genre in Different Eras
  4. Literature and Technology: A Discussion of E-books and Other Technologies and How They Have Changed Story Telling
  5. Sylvia Plath: An Examination of Her Life and How it Relates to Her Works
  6. An Analysis of Your Favorite Book and the Reasons it is Important to You
  7. Classic Works and the Early Times of America: An Analysis of How Classic Literature Portrays History
  8. A Comparison of American Literature and European Literature
  9. Banned Books: An Analysis of Books that Were Banned and Why
  10. The Changes in American Literature Across Several Centuries

Choosing an Interesting Topic

The first step in choosing an interesting essay topic in literature is to choose a literary work or area that you are passionate about. Choose something that you are knowledgeable on, but that you could still explore more deeply. This will ensure that you do not dread the days or weeks that you spend working on your literary assignment.

Make Sure Your Topic is Manageable

Some topics require more explaining than others. As you choose your topic, be sure that the one you are picking is a decent size for the requirements that have been set by your teacher. You should be sure that you have a topic small enough that you can answer it in the number of pages or words that is requested but it should also be large enough that you can stay on track.
As you go about choosing a topic for a college essay in literature, be sure that what you are choosing is interesting enough that you will not be bored. You should also be sure that the topic you are choosing is sizable for the project requirements. Check out the above suggestions for ideas on what you may be able to write about.