A Selection of Best Topic Ideas for an Essay About Macbeth

One of Shakespeare’s great classics is Macbeth, a play that tells of Macbeth who is a Scottish general. He receives a prophecy from three witches about his future. After learning he will become King of Scotland, he is pushed by his wife and ambition to kill the king of the time and take the throne. This play is a classic, but you still may find yourself struggling when it is time to write the essay on what you have learned. Check out these essay topics Macbeth if you find yourself at a loss as to what to write.

  1. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth: Their Ambition – Does Macbeth’s ambition have to do anything with what his wife wants for them? What role does she play? Is it her ambition that drives them both?
  2. Gender Values in Macbeth – Gender is something that plays a big role in this play, as well as many other plays by Shakespeare. Discuss.
  3. Courage and Virtue – There are many courageous acts in Macbeth, but they are not always virtuous. Discuss if you think courage means good triumphs over evil.
  4. An Analysis of the Porter Scene – Some say that the Porter seen was only included to give the actor a chance to wash his hands of blood after the murder. Do you agree? What other roles could it have played?
  5. Supernatural Elements in Macbeth – The Witches, Banquo’s ghost, the dagger, and apparitions are just some of the supernatural elements in Macbeth. Consider how these elements effected the play as a whole.
  6. Truth vs. Reality in the Beginning of Macbeth – Consider the ways that truth and reality play a role in the first three acts of this play. Use examples.
  7. Free Will or Fate? – Why did Macbeth strive after the position of King? Did he have a choice in the matter because of the prophecy? Discuss.
  8. Is There Any Honor in Violence? – Discuss the violence in Macbeth and whether or not some seemed more honorable than others. Is there any way this could be a plea for peace?
  9. Macbeth and His Actions: Moral or Immoral – To what extent is Macbeth responsible for his own actions in the crime? Decide whether he is guilty or innocent and explain why.
  10. Macbeth and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Did Macbeth have any choice but to kill King Duncan? Why or why not?

As you choose your essay topic, be sure to choose something that is going to keep you interested as you do your research. You should also make sure that you can provide plenty of examples and that the topic you choose is not too narrow or too broad.