Best Ways to Write an Essay on Better Late than Never

The ideal case is to have all the time in the world to write a good essay. However, it is not always that way. Students do not always have too much time for writing. They always delay it for later, for tomorrow. However, that tomorrow finally comes and it is high time you start your writing. This is a better late than never essay, since even though it is late at least you remember to write it before the deadline.

These times you have to think extra quickly for ideas.

Put your thoughts together

It is normal to panic, as long as it doesn’t affect your writing in a negative way. However, you have to set your thoughts clearly and get rid of any negative feeling on the way. Give yourself some time to convince you can do it and take that attitude forward on the field. Take the paper and say to yourself “I’m going to impress my teacher and everyone else”. Take the challenge, stay calm, positive and start the attack logically and systematically.

Turn off

You don’t need anyone to disturb you in this process. You are busy writing and you have to succeed. Turn off your phone. Sign out from all social networks. Go to a quiet place and hang the “Do not disturb” sign on the door. Sometime it helps if you install full-text editors in order to avoid being unintentionally distracted by anything surrounding the writing.


  • Get all the material you need by your side.
  • Make a clear argument to focus your thinking.
  • Leave the introduction for the end, as well as the conclusion. They always have the same meaning with different words.
  • Type notes into the same document. This could be your essay plan. For every point, have a line, or several lines in support of that point.
  • Rewrite the notes in academic sentences.
  • Write the reference list as you write the notes.
  • Use Google for a quick research. It is ok, as long as you don’t copy-paste it.


  • Use of too much quotations – You can use quotations, but readers want to read some of your words.
  • Copy- paste – Always use paraphrase technique in these situations.

When you are finished, just quickly go through it again for proofreading and reward yourself for the completed work. You deserved it!