General Rules for Composing a Top-Quality 6 Paragraph Essay in Literature

Over time, you are going to find that the standard 5-paragraph essay you were taught in Language Arts class just does not give you enough room for your ideas. When you must advance to a 6 paragraph essay, follow these guidelines.

  • #1: Actually Read the Piece of Work
    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when writing a literary essay is failing to read the work you are reading about. Even if you thoroughly research the literature and what you have found online, it is very likely that you will say something irrelevant or inaccurate. If you are not going to read the piece of literature, at least find someone to write your essay who has read it.
  • #2: Choose Your Topic and Write Your Thesis First
    Once you have read the piece of work, you will need to know what you want to discuss in your literary assignment. Some good ideas include comparing and contrasting to other works by the same author, discussing a literary element and where it is present in the work, or even describing a specific character and how their actions or behaviors change the entire storyline.
    Once you have chosen your topic, write out your thesis. You will find that this is useful to have handy as you write because everything in your paper will lead back to the thesis.
  • #3: Choose 4 Main Points and Supporting Information
    Since the main body of your 6-paragraph assignment will have 4 paragraph, you will want 4 main points that prove your thesis. You will also want to find supporting information for these major points. Organize this information in an outline.
  • #4: Write Your Introduction and Conclusion Last
    After you have composed the body of your assignment, you will have the knowledge to write the introduction and conclusion. Saving these for last allows you to reflect closely on what you have already written.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you get the best grade that you can on your literature essay. If you find yourself struggling, do not be afraid to look around online for extra help.