Picking Up Unique Topics for Writing a High School Essay

For some students, an essay on whatever they choose to write about can be quite intimidating. While it gives you the option to explore your passions or prove a point, it also means that you have to know what your passions are. If you find yourself struggling, check out the following topics for essay writing.

  1. Exposure to Video Games and Violence - Do an analysis of studies on this topic and provide your own experience.
  2. Forgiveness: Why It Is Important For You to Forgive - Give psychological reasons why you should forgive and what forgiveness means.
  3. Music and Culture- Consider the music that you listen to vs. the music that others listen to. How does it relate to your own culture?
  4. The Decision Making Process- Describe a difficult decision you made, how you came to your final conclusion, and why you feel confident in that decision.
  5. Your Opinion on Social Promotion - Consider the advantages and disadvantages of passing a student who isn’t ready. Does this effect their self-esteem when they are held back? Provide plenty of support for your opinion.
  6. Military Duties and High School - There are countries that require young students to enlist in the military for two years after graduating. What is your opinion and why?
  7. Test Scores and Student Morale - Do you believe putting so much weight on standardized tests is harmful or helpful to students and why?
  8. Small City vs. Big City Living- Do you prefer to live in a small town or a big city and why?
  9. Electives and Their Role in School - What is your opinion on elective classes and why?
  10. Explore One of Your Passions - Choose something that you are excited about and do research on changes in the area or advances and explain the topic in your essay.

If you choose the right topic, you will find that composing your essay is a breeze. Do not worry if none of these spark your interest- choose a topic you love and do a little digging around online to see what you can learn.