Where Do You Get a Well-Written Example of an Essay with Transition Words

The last thing that you want to do when writing is construct your paper of choppy sentences that don’t flow into each other. When your essay does not run smoothly, it makes it a lot less likely that you are going to get your point across or even that your reader will continue reading to the end. In order to prevent this choppiness, you will need smooth transitional words and phrases. Check out the following places to find an example of an essay with transition words.

  • #1: Writing Authorities
    The MLA and APA are among writing authorities that set the standards for the use of transitional words and phrases within a paper. You can information on these standards in published manuals for writing as well as online. In addition to information, there are good chances you will find samples of how to use transitional words in your writing. You can find these in hard copy books and also online.
  • #2: Scholarly Websites
    School websites, local libraries, and a number of other educational websites often have writing advice, guidelines, and even samples for students who find themselves struggling with writing an essay. In order to be sure you are choosing a quality website, be sure to look for those that end in .gov, .org, or .edu. These are governmental, organizational, and educational websites that are trusted to publish quality information.
  • #3: Writing Services
    It is not uncommon for websites offering essay writing services to provide samples on their website. These samples can include the results section, an introduction, and any other information you may need. These are typically provided so that the writing service can provide proof of their previous work and satisfied customers. However, that does not mean you cannot check out the writing samples in order to help you with your current assignment.
  • #4: Older Students
    Another great resource when it comes to finding samples of work is older students. This can include someone who is a few years older than you, your sibling, or even your parents. While you cannot guarantee the quality of these papers, you should at least feel confident that you will be able to tell whether or not quality transition words were used. The good thing about this source, however, is that you may end up finding words and phrases not included in the typical writing handbook.
  • #5: Library Archives
    It is not uncommon for schools to save papers back from previous students in an effort to combat plagiarism and provide examples to new generations of students. Ask your school librarian or your professor about any essays from past students

As you peruse for samples, you may find that it is useful to make a list of the words and transitions you see. Over time, you will not even use the when writing an essay because you will know a great variety of transitional words to make your writing flow smoothly.